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What to Do When You Notice Water Issues at Home

Water problems in your home may manifest themselves in many different ways. Your water may appear cloudy, have a strange smell, or leave hard water deposits on dishes and plumbing fixtures. Unfortunately, some water problems such as arsenic or radon … Continue reading

Water Issues that Could Be Affecting Your Drinking Supply

Water is vital to life and your health, so it’s essential that your water at home is safe to drink. Learn about various issues that could affect your water and how they are treated. Radon Radon is hard to detect … Continue reading

Clean Water for a Healthy Lifestyle

While a great emphasis has been placed on drinking water for health reasons, there has been relatively little discussion on what constitutes clean water. There are good reasons to make sure that your tap is clean from contaminants including radon. … Continue reading

Why Arsenic in Your Water Is Dangerous

Despite the best water treatment procedures, contaminants can remain in your drinking water. Arsenic, a semimetal element, is of special concern because many people are unaware of its presence due to its tasteless and odorless nature. However, arsenic in water can cause … Continue reading

What Exactly Is Radon and Why Is It Dangerous?

Radon is a substance found naturally in the soil and rock. Unfortunately, high levels of radon in a home’s water supply can be dangerous to the home’s occupants. It’s important to understand the specific dangers of radon as well as … Continue reading

How to Help Keep Your Water Clean

There’s nothing like a clean, cold glass of water on a hot day or after a tough workout. But what may look like crystal clear water can actually contain many contaminants that could be harmful to you and your family. … Continue reading

Dangers of Failing to Remove Arsenic and Radon from Water

Water is made up of various minerals that can help your body grow strong and healthy. But every so often, the water source can become contaminated in one way or another, causing people to become very sick. When you get … Continue reading

5 Common Water-Related Problems

Water filtration systems have become popular in recent years as people have become more aware of environmental practices that could be contaminating groundwater, which then enters the home as drinking water. While some of these water-related problems are more of a … Continue reading

Why Do You Need an Arsenic Test?

As arsenic testers, we have helped many homeowners remove this dangerous element from their homes. You might not be aware of this, but there could be arsenic in your drinking water! This substance, which has historically been used as a … Continue reading

Why Are Radon Tests Important?

Radon, like many deadly substances, is invisible. You cannot smell it in the air and you cannot taste it in your water, but it may still be there. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, thousands of deaths from radon poisoning … Continue reading

3 Benefits of Clean Water

More than 75% of the world lacks clean water. People in developing nations drink water that causes disease and wash their clothes in water where a few meters upstream cattle are herded—and, yet, Americans pay more per gallon of drinking … Continue reading

Should You Test for Radon?

Radon is a radioactive gas that is invisible, odorless, and tasteless (which means that you are unlikely to detect it on your own). It is produced naturally through the radioactive decay of uranium, and while it is usually found in … Continue reading

Who Installs a Radon Mitigation System?

Radon is a radioactive gas that is the leading cause of lung cancer in people who do not smoke. You might be surprised to learn how radon enters your home. Radon is generally present in the soils and materials in … Continue reading

Why Come to Us for Radon Removal Systems?

Every once in a while, radon comes up in a news story. For most people, it isn’t nearly as important as getting last night’s scores, so few of the articles are ever read. This is a problem because radon is … Continue reading

How Does a Radon Mitigation System Work?

While most people never think twice about radon, it is a serious danger to households across the nation. For the fortunate few who do decide to test and discover that their air or water contains high amounts of this radioactive … Continue reading

Do You Need a Radon Test?

Radon is a serious danger in homes across America. This colorless, odorless gas is a common carcinogen that very few people realize is in their homes. If left untreated, radon can begin causing all types of cancer and other health … Continue reading