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Testing for Radon in the Air You Breathe

Radon is one of the many radioactive gases that occur naturally in bedrock. It is mostly released in the air through radon-contaminated groundwater. It is wise to have your home tested for radon. Various mitigation methods are used so it is important to find the right system for your home. A & B Water Consultants can recommend a system that is specific to your home.

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Radon Air Treatment

Radon air treatment NHThe most popular method to draw out radon gas is known as “Active Sub-Slab Depressurization.” A PVC pipe is inserted into the concrete slab in a strategic spot. The vent pipe is routed either externally, on the outside of the building, or internally through the building if the floor plan permits. The system is powered by an “industry specific” fan that is specifically designed to draw out the radon gas from underneath the concrete floor in the basement and route it above the roof edge of the house, where the gas can dissipate safely into the atmosphere. These fans must be installed according to industry standards and protocols to prevent radon gas from re-entering the home.

Get a Radon-Free Home

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