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A&B Water Consultants are your nationwide water treatment and water solution specialists. Quality drinking water for your home is our goal. For over 20 years, we've helped families ensure the quality of their water. A&B Consultants can answer your questions and provide you with the clear, simple and affordable solutions you're looking for. Experience the difference of A&B Water Consultants and get a water filtration system at a cost that is guaranteed to save you money.

What's in your water? In New England 20% of it's residents rely on private wells as their source of drinking water. Common water contaminants present in your well can pose a risk to your family as you are responsible for the quality of your drinking water. Changing property laws and regulations have created an increased demand for well water testing. There are a number of problems that can affect the quality of the water you drink. Surprisingly, some contaminated water can look clean and clear at a glance. Remember, just because water looks good, doesn't mean that it is. A& B Water Consultants can offer you affordable water filtration solutions. Get started with us by having your water tested today!

Our affordable water treatment solutions fix the most common water problems listed below and we GUARANTEE the results.

The above water issues are not necessarily in your water. The only way to be certain is to have your water tested with our free water analysis.

Contact a consultant at A&B Water to discuss a specific water treatment solution to any other water problems such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), toxic metals (mercury, lead etc.) at 1-800-613-0121 for a water treatment solution and water filtration product recommendation.

*Protect your home (investment) from corroding fixtures and hardware. With our water filtration solutions you not only protect your investment you save money with increased fuel efficiency.

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Common Water Problems

Acid Water or Water Acidity (PH)
Acid water is measured on a scale from 0-14 called the PH scale. A PH level of 7 is neutral and anything below 7 indicates acidic water. The lower the number the more acidic your water is. Testing your water is the only way to tell whether your water is balanced properly.

·Corrosion of brass fixtures and copper plumbing
·Blue/green staining in sinks and bathtub
·Pin-hole leaks in pipes
·Damage to all water using appliances
·Green hair as a result of high copper content in water
·Metallic taste to water
·Itchy dry skin

Solution: Filtration
Installation of a filter layered with various mediums. The mediums chosen will be dictated by water chemistry and water usage. A consultant at A&B Water can help you choose the appropriate PH filter. Contact Us Back to top

Hard Water
The hardness standard is established by the Water Quality Association (WQA) and measured in either grains per gallon (gpg) or milligrams per liter (mg/L.) Hard water is compound of water that contains dissolved compounds of calcium and magnesium.

The term originally applied to waters that were hard to wash in. The degree of hardness standard as established by the Water Quality Association is measured in either grains or milligrams per liter.

Term Grains Mg/Liter(ppm)
Slightly Hard
Moderately Hard
Very Hard
less than 1.0
1.0 to 3.5
3.5 to 7.0
7.0 to 10.5
10.5 and above
less than 17.1
17.1 to 60
60 to 120
120 to 180
180 and above

·Itchy dry skin
·High soap usage because soap does not lather well
·Ring around the tub(soap scum)
·Spotting on dishes
·Reduced water pressure and temperature as a result of deposits building up in pipes
·Increased energy bills as a result of scaling in water heaters
·Laundry discoloration( whites turn grey) and clothes don't last as long

Solution: Water Softening
Softener size, plumbing sequence and type will depend on water chemistry and water usage.
Water softeners clean themselves automatically and will promote the following benefits:
·Savings on cleaning products
·Dishes and glassware will rinse clear
·Water lines will not build up
·Soft water washing makes clothes cleaner, last longer, and feel smoother
·Hair and skin will have more luster and feel softer

A consultant at A&B Water will help you choose the appropriate size softener for your needs and will discuss the pros and cons of different technology to allow you to make an informed decision.Contact Us Back to top

Chlorine is a gas widely used in the disinfection of water as an oxidizing agent for filtering organic matter, iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide. Chlorine is known to react with organic matter in the water to form trihalomethanes(THMs) , a suspected carcinogen.

·Strong pool like chlorine smell that stays on your skin through-out the day
·Odor permeates clothes in the washing machine
·Skin irritation and scorching
·Burning to the eyes
·Discharge of undesirable substances in the pipes
·Unpleasant taste
·Negative effect on the taste of foods when using water to cook
·At high levels can be a dangerous carcinogen

Solution: Absorptive Filtration
Most municipalities have other issues with the water quality besides chlorine such as hardness, odor, iron staining etc. Please call us to discuss what technology would be best for you best for you based on your water chemistry and concerns Back to top

Rotten Egg Smell (Hydrogen Sulfide):
Hydrogen sulfide is a corrosive and flammable gas that smells like rotten eggs. Hydrogen sulfide develops from decaying animal and plant life in the aquifer.
Hydrogen sulfide can also be catalyzed by a magnesium anode rod in a hot water heater.

Problems caused by Hydrogen Sulfide (Rotten Egg Smell in your water):
·Strong disagreeable rotten egg smell
·Corrosion to pipes
·Foul taste to water
·Black staining

Solution: Filtration and Oxidation
Installation of a micronizer or air release system proceeded by a filter designed to trap the problematic gas before it enters the household plumbing. The filter type will depend on your PH level and water chemistry. A consultant at A&B Water can help you choose the appropriate system. Contact Us. Back to top

Manganese is an element sometimes found in groundwater, usually in combination with, but in lower concentrations than iron. Any level over .05 ppm (parts per million) or mg/l (milligrams per liter) would indicate problems with staining and potential build-up in pipes.

Problems caused by Manganese:
·Dark brown and black stains in sinks, toilets and bathtub.
·Bitter metallic taste.
·Musty swampy odor.

Installation of iron/manganese filter or water softener. Type of technology used will depend on your water chemistry and level of manganese in the water. A consultant at A&B Water will help you chose the appropriate system. Contact Us. Back to top

Iron Staining:
Iron Content is measured in ppm (parts per million) or mg/l (milligrams per liter). Any level over .3ppm indicates that there would be staining liabilities in the household utility water.

·Build up of iron in pipes which will reduce water flow and pressure
·Energy inefficiency in hot water tank or furnace ( higher energy costs)
·Staining in sinks and bathtub
·Discoloration of hair, teeth and fingernails
·Laundry staining

Solution: (Filtration)
Installation of iron filter or water softener. The type of filter used in the process will depend on your water chemistry and level of iron in your water. Contact Us for a specific recommendation and quote. Back to top

Arsenic is a semi-metal element in the periodic water table. It is odorless and tasteless. It enters water supplies through natural deposits in the earth and industry practices. The EPA has set the arsenic standard to 10 parts per billion effective January 23rd 2006.

·Arsenic has been known to promote lung, skin, kidney, liver, nasal passages and prostate cancer.
·Arsenic can be absorbed into the skin at certain levels even when showering.

Solution:Filtration and Absorption
There are several filtration and absorptive methods available to remove arsenic in water. Arsenic levels and water chemistry will dictate what process would work best for you. Contact Us Back to top

Radon Gas:
Radon Gas is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas which is produced by decay of the uranium/radium series and is soluble in water. Any level over 4,000 pCi/L( picocurie per liter) is considered dangerous and the homeowner should consider mitigation immediately. Radon is most active in a household when aeration takes place such as showering, running a dishwasher or washer machine. When found in water, radon is transferred in the air and enters the body through natural breathing.

·Radon Gas has been known to promote lung and stomach cancer, emphysema and respiratory tumors.
·Shortness of life as a result of radiation exposure.

There are several technologies available for radon mitigation: carbonation at low levels and aeration at moderate and high levels. Filter size and sequence are critical in the mitigation process. Contact Us with your radon test and a consultant will recommend an appropriate technology. Back to top