What Is Arsenic Contamination?

Arsenic—the stuff of murder-mysteries. But arsenic is all around us. Odorless and tasteless, it exists naturally in our soil and bedrock and is further introduced via agricultural and industrial practices. In New England it has been found to contaminate groundwater, particularly in bedrock aquifers across the region. Water that comes from wells fed by these natural reserves can be contaminated and, if not treated, can lead to long-term or short-term health issues.

The EPA standard, enforced to protect consumers of public water, sets safe arsenic content at 10 parts per billion.

Well water treated by A & B Water Consultants meets this standard.

Arsenic Contamination
Treatment Services

A & B Water Consultants has treated residential water systems for arsenic contamination for more than two decades. We provide high-quality installations and on-going service.

All our arsenic-removal systems are unique. Through testing, we determine the level of arsenic and other factors that make up your water’s chemistry. Based on that information we design a system of filters and techniques to reduce the arsenic content to EPA-approved standards. We install treatment systems for the whole house—point of entry—or for separate sinks—point of use.

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