3 Benefits of Clean Water

More than 75% of the world lacks clean water. People in developing nations drink water that causes disease and wash their clothes in water where a few meters upstream cattle are herded—and, yet, Americans pay more per gallon of drinking water in plastic bottles than they do per gallon of gas. At A & B Water Consultants in New England, we understand the importance of having safe, clean water. Here are 3 benefits of making sure that your water is free from contaminants.

Staying Healthy

Water filtration systems help keep contaminants out of your drinking water. While most municipal drinking water is safe, every home’s water delivery system is different. Older homes may have older pipes that can leak heavy metals and radon into the water supply. While this may not seem to cause serious health effects at first, it can create a bio-accumulation of toxic chemicals.

Keeping It Clean

Even when a home is not at risk for unhealthy contaminants, something as simple as hard water can make whites look dingy and create issues in getting clothes their cleanest looking. Buying a new wardrobe because your water has stained your old clothes can be expensive. However, saving money on clothes isn’t the only way that you can benefit from clean water financially.

Saving Money

Drinking water out of a bottle has become a billion-dollar industry. Every bottle is expensive, and the water in them is not necessarily any cleaner than the water that comes out of your tap. At A & B Water Consultants, we know that water filtration systems can create confidence in your water that will allow you to take advantage of your municipality’s cheap water.

When you stop purchasing plastic bottles of water, you will save a lot of money and you will help the planet by eliminating waste. Your water should taste good and be good for you. Getting it filtered through a home system is the best way to get your thirst quenched and your clothes clean.