Do You Need a Radon Test?

Radon is a serious danger in homes across America. This colorless, odorless gas is a common carcinogen that very few people realize is in their homes. If left untreated, radon can begin causing all types of cancer and other health problems. In order to prevent this tragedy, it is important that people test for this gas and if found, contact a company that specializes in radon removal.

Who Should Do It?

The first question people usually ask about radon testing is whether they really need to do it. Our answer, and the answer of the EPA, is an emphatic “Yes!” Even though the EPA has determined that some places are at a higher risk than others, all areas are at risk. In general, the EPA has designated 3 radon risk levels and has even produced a national map showing, by county, where the highest and lowest risks are. While someone in Alaska may not need to be as worried as someone considering radon testing in Maine (almost all of which is in the highest level), the EPA has found high levels of radon in every single risk category. The only way to know for sure how high radon levels are is through testing.

New or Old

Another myth that people seem to believe is that newer homes aren’t as at risk as older homes. That’s not true. While older homes may have higher levels of radon, it is simply because they have been around longer and have trapped more of the gas. If given the same amount of time with no testing and no mitigation efforts, new homes are very likely to test at the same level. So, in short, it doesn’t matter if someone bought a historic home or just finished building one; everyone needs to test.

When to Test

Another common question is how often a home should be tested for radon. The EPA recommends testing for radon every 2 to 3 years and says to keep all of the test results. It is also a good idea to test for radon before and after any major renovations to a home. By having a series of results, it makes it easier for mitigation specialists to determine the best way to remove radon from the home. The best time to test for radon is during the winter when the house is closed up and there is less fresh air getting in.