How to Help Keep Your Water Clean

There’s nothing like a clean, cold glass of water on a hot day or after a tough workout. But what may look like crystal clear water can actually contain many contaminants that could be harmful to you and your family. Fortunately, water filtration systems can help keep your water clean. Here’s what you should know.

Why Filter Your Water?

A common question many people have is why they even need to have their water filtered. Shouldn’t the drinking water in your area already be safe after being treated at purification plants? Unfortunately, there are some contaminants that may still be in the water even after it’s been treated.

A few common contaminants are arsenic, radon, nitrates, bacteria, manganese, iron, and more. Some of these contaminants may be invisible, or they may cause the water to be cloudy or have a strange smell. Water treatment plants can’t always rid the water of all these problems, but a filtration system can address these remaining issues.

How Do Filtration Systems Work?

Many filtration systems use carbon filters to clean the water. These are effective because poisonous gases, such as radon, stick to the carbon (which is absorbent and very porous), allowing the clean water to flow through the filter.

Reverse osmosis is another popular type of system. The water goes through a membrane that traps impurities and the clean water is sent to a storage tank. Ion exchange systems are used to clean and soften water by exchanging ions so that calcium and other hard minerals are removed from the water.

Choosing a System

It can be difficult to know what filtration system is best for your home, especially if you’re unsure of what contaminants you’re up against. The best way to choose a system is to have a water analysis performed first of all. This helps determine what contaminants are present in your water, how hard your water is, and even if there are air purity problems. Once these factors are all considered, the appropriate steps can be taken to ensure these problems are eliminated.