What to Do When You Notice Water Issues at Home

Water problems in your home may manifest themselves in many different ways. Your water may appear cloudy, have a strange smell, or leave hard water deposits on dishes and plumbing fixtures. Unfortunately, some water problems such as arsenic or radon are less noticeable, but still require professional help. Whether your water problems are obvious or not, we have some advice on what to do when you notice a problem.

Addressing Obvious Problems

Water with obvious problems like strange odors and colors is often fixed more quickly because homeowners notice them and contact professional help right away. Many times these problems are due to less dangerous contaminants like minerals that make the water hard but aren’t necessarily health concerns. It’s still important to address these problems, however, so you’ll want to contact professionals who can install filtration systems that will take care of strange smells and colors in your water. Water softeners can solve problems caused by hard water as well.

Diagnosing Other Problems

Unfortunately, more dangerous problems with water such as arsenic or radon in the water are often less obvious. Radon and arsenic can cause health problems that are only noticeable after long-term exposure to these substances. That’s why it’s a good idea to have an independent water test done to know exactly what levels of these substances are in your water supply. These levels may differ from a municipality’s reports simply because of the environmental factors or use of wells on your property.

Addressing Arsenic and Radon

Arsenic and radon can be completely eliminated from your well water supply using different techniques. Filters are effective for removing arsenic and may be used for the entire home or for just one point of use, such as a sink. Since radon is a gas, radon mitigation in Maine often uses aeration to reduce radon to acceptable levels. Aeration mixes large amounts of clean air with the well water so that the radon is displaced from your water. Some carbon filters are also effective for removing radon.