Why Come to Us for Radon Removal Systems?

Every once in a while, radon comes up in a news story. For most people, it isn’t nearly as important as getting last night’s scores, so few of the articles are ever read. This is a problem because radon is a serious, and very real, health danger. We believe that in order to prevent the health hazards posed by radon, all homes should be equipped with quality radon removal systems.

What Is Radon?

The most important step in understanding why and how radon should be removed is understanding what it is. Radon is a colorless and odorless gas that is created when natural, radioactive elements begin to decay. While this doesn’t cause a problem outside, it can be a serious problem inside, as the gas begins to accumulate to dangerous levels. Besides getting into the air of homes, it can also seep into the water supply; this is where we come in.

Removing Radon from Water

In general, there are 2 ways to drastically reduce the levels of radon in the drinking water supply: aeration or a carbon filtration system. During aeration, we simply mix clean air with the water supply which, in turn, pushes the radon out of the home and drinking water. Another option we sometimes employ is the installation and use of a carbon filtration system.

Carbon filtration systems are pretty common and can be found in a lot of household and even military-grade water filters. Carbon is a great filter because it is very porous and can trap a lot of impurities (including radon gas), effectively removing them from the water.

Removing Radon from Air

As we mentioned earlier, radon gas can also seep into air and cause all sorts of health problems, including lung cancer. Due to how dangerous this gas can be, we take pride in being able to also offer an effective solution for contaminated household air. In this technique we insert a PVC pipe underneath the home’s foundation and then draw out the radon, through a pipe, up and over the home. Due to the fact all of this has to be done in a very technical fashion and must follow very strict safety procedures, we take pride in how experienced and well-trained our technicians are. If radon is the problem, we can fix it quickly, carefully, and expertly.