Why Do You Need an Arsenic Test?

As arsenic testers, we have helped many homeowners remove this dangerous element from their homes. You might not be aware of this, but there could be arsenic in your drinking water! This substance, which has historically been used as a poison, has no flavor, odor, or appearance. Believe it or not, the planet could be poisoning you by putting this natural toxin into your drinking water.

How could this happen? Ground water and runoff surface water from agriculture and industrial sites can flow into the fresh water sources that flow into your home! That means that you could be showering, cooking, brushing your teeth, and hydrating yourself with this toxic water.

Professionals in locating this substance such as us can test your home for arsenic, but why should you care? Is your risk actually significant? Here are some things you should know:

  • Even in small amounts, arsenic can cause serious health problems. You do not even have to ingest it for it to harm you!
  • Arsenic can cause bladder, lung, skin, and kidney cancer as well as nasal passage complications.
  • A US law known as the Arsenic Standard, limits the amount of arsenic that can legally be in your water, but unfortunately, water treatment plants that test for the substance do not catch every dosage of arsenic.
  • Arsenic is easily derived from ground water, especially during dry seasons when ground water is sought as a vital water source.
  • You can ask your local health department about arsenic risks in your area, but even if you are given an honest response, a low arsenic risk does not really alleviate any need for concern. There can still be un-traced arsenic in your drinking water. Only arsenic testing can find the truth.
  • If you draw your water from a private well, live somewhere with a water company that serves fewer than 25 homes, or have a vacation home in an area that is unoccupied for 6 months a year, you are responsible for testing your own drinking water.
  • Only a certified expert can perform arsenic testing. Those of us with the technology to locate traces of arsenic in your drinking water will be able to recommend arsenic filtering services if necessary. Only then can you be certain that you and your family are safe.